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Aug 07 2004

Nice Dutch RIA: Watermanager

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The WaterManager application allows you to virtually control the water heights in the river areas of the Netherlands. The goal is to give you an impression on how difficult this task is! The way it works is based on the reality; this is how we keep our country ‘dry’. About 50% of The Netherlands would have […]

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Aug 07 2004

Take 2: Ben Forta on ColdFusion ‘BlackStone’ in Amsterdam, 6 September 2004

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I’m pleased to announce that has confirmed the new date for Ben Forta his BlackStone presentation. You can now meet Ben on September 6 at the regular MXUG meeting location (the ‘church’ from ClockWork). For more information and registration check the events page. I am looking forward to meet many ColdFusion users from […]

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Aug 07 2004

Flex MXML Sample 4: Binding XML documents where nodes contain attributes and inner text

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When pointing your mx:Model source to an XML file, Flex turns this XML into an object at runtime. The way you structure your XML defines how to approach the object equivalent of the XML node values. Especially when you have XML nodes that contain both attributes and inner text you might have some difficulties binding the inner text to […]

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Aug 06 2004

Microsoft releases web interface for MSN Messenger

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See I gave it a quick try and even though it’s a nice initiative, this web application does not yet feel like the desktop application. You all know what I am going to say; this *begs* for a Flash interface 🙂 I have not looked into it, but since it’s fully build with HTML […]

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Aug 03 2004

Flex Tip 2: MXML Script-tag content is not HTML JavaScript

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I’ve seen developers with an HTML/JavaScript background that move into MXML make a very common mistake: they all call a function inside a script block but outside a function definition. This causes the Flex compiler to throw an error. This post explains what is causing this and helps you to avoid this in the future. […]

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