Jan 03 2007

New Year, new blogsystem

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I’ve decided to update my blogsystem as I felt that the old blogman_v2 CFC didn’t meet todays blogging standards any longer (no trackbacks, no comment spam filtering, no trackbacks, no tags etc). I first refused to move away from this ColdFusion application because it’s the only serverside language I really know and thus could maintain. However, after realising I actually never went into the code anyway, I decided it wouldn’t heard to use a pre-build PHP system.

Lazy as I am I picked WordPress as my new blogging tool. I didn’t really choose between other tools like MovableType. I was inspired by some good looking blogs from Wietse and Niels and decided to just implement the systems they used.

So here it is, my new blog powered by WordPress 2.0.5 and K2. Increadible how easy everything is to set up, the plugin concept is really awesome. Current style is based on the Theme fSpring which was design by Fredrik Fahlstad (sorry Fredrik, I think I screwed the design with my custom header image 😉 ) and which I first saw at Wietse his weblog. There’s a new link for RSS Entries (I’ll update the old URL to redirect to this one tomorrow) and for RSS Comments.

I wrote some custom ColdFusion code to migrate all posts from the old system to the new, as well as some additional HTML and CSS to integrate the theme into K2. Since it’s soo long ago that I wrote any HTML or CSS and because there are some really old HTML posts (back till 2002) migrated, I am sure some pages might break.

So if you notice something is broken, please leave me a note. Feedback is also welcome!

Known issues:

  • It seems that trackbacks don’t work yet

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8 Responses to “New Year, new blogsystem”

  1. Whoot…eindelijk! 🙂

  2. Hey, why didn’t you consider BlogCFC? 🙂

  3. Waldo Smeets says:

    @Raymond: I guess I should have but like I said… I actually didn’t consider a lot (this is the case more often in my life, LOL).

  4. Dan says:

    I agree with that Ray guy, you should of considered BlogCFC 🙂

  5. Waldo Smeets says:

    LOL yeah I get the point. Maybe next Christmas break 😉

  6. Niels Bruin says:

    The blog is looking great Waldo!

  7. Benjamin says:

    Slick site Waldo………even a header graphic!

  8. Thomas says:

    Hi Waldo.

    I’m sitting here trying to do the same – a fspring based K2 scheme. But I can’t make it ’cause my web skills are not the best. Maybe you can help me and send me the style?

    Thsi would be great!

    Thanks. Thomas.