Nov 22 2005

Coding for Flex 2.0 in Flex 1.5

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I wanted to blog about the same for a while, but never got to it. Check out Peter Ent his coding advice that gives a good summary of how you can already prepare/optimize your Flex 1.5 code for migration to Flex 2.0:

  • Data type everything;
  • Don’t use inline objects to dispatch events. Even though Peter doesn’t explicitly tell you to do so, I think you should even start to consider using custom event data types instead of ‘outline’ plain objects. I’ve been doing this for most projects and really like that approach a lot;
  • Identify scope of variables and functions (private/public);
  • Use [Binding] meta data for variables which will be used in data binding;

Of course we all know that we should have already used some of these practices, but did you really? Even the Flex samples explorer didn’t, so I don’t blame you.

But from now, you should do it every time! Flex 2 will not be so forgiving! If you do this, you are not only writing better code but will also make your migration path easier!

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