Mar 08 2004

Flash Remoting for ActionScript 2.0 in Beta

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… and that’s almost all I am allowed to say about it 😉 Steven Webster has written a nice post with some more personal insight.

Anyway, here is the ‘official’ line that I got from Lucian Beebe: “Macromedia is working on the ActionScript 2.0 versions of the Remoting components and a Remoting Connector component. They’ll be ready in “a month or two.” They’ll be a free update from the web site and are in beta now.”

Even though I am on the Remoting Customer Advisory Board I have not yet had the time to really play with the beta a lot. However, what I have seen from it is very promising 😉 So Remoting fans, hang on…. it won’t take long (I hope).

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4 Responses to “Flash Remoting for ActionScript 2.0 in Beta”

  1. Mike Klepper says:

    Hi Waldo,

    How does one get to be a beta tester for these components?


  2. Waldo Smeets says:

    Not sure whether we are still adding people since the program already started. You can still give it a try by filling in this form:

  3. maghsood says:

    I want learn actionscript and flash remoting

  4. Mark says:

    would love to be a beta tester as well