Feb 13 2004

Real Estate Manager

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HanzeVast has a usefull RIA ‘aanbod manager‘ to get insight in the buildings that they currently have for sale. It allows you to filter on building type, region, surface and several other criteria. It took me a few tries to get used to the interface, but now I understand it it’s pretty usefull. More comments in the detail of this post.

The best way to walk through the application is by first setting your criteria. Click on ‘soort ruimte’ to select whether you are looking for offices, houses, shop-buildings etc. After that click ‘plaats/regio’ te define the city you want to search for.

You’ll find all applied criterias in the list below the criteria ‘tabs’. There is a nice indication of the number of items that fit to this criteria and you can easilly turn it off or on by clicking on it. As soon as you do that, the ‘thumbnails’ are updated below that.  You can add items to your favorites list by clicking on the arrow that appears below it when you roll over it.

Clicking on a ‘thumbnail’ will give you detailed information on the building.

As said, I think that this is quite a nice RIA that fits in the ‘iokio camera finder‘ category. Unfortunately the interface was not intuitive for me the first time I used it. I am wondering whether it’s me or that others have the same feeling (of course this is critical for the success of the application).

Nevertheless, good score! Developed by Macromedia Alliance Partner theFactor.e.

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  1. hans vd togt says:

    this is great…:-) i love it

  2. It *does* take some getting used to. Any suggestions on improving it are welcome. A nice touch that is easy to miss is that all objects in the database are always visible in the little square array at the top. Depending on how well an object fits your selection it will be brighter or less bright. We call it (“selection without elimination”). One of the weaknesses in the iokio camera finder is the fact that you can end up with a zero result, which from a commercial perspective is undesirable. Furthermore, you can bookmark items bij clicking on the down arrow at the bottom. You can un bookmark by dragging the item away from the bookmark bar