Dec 20 2003

FlashCom Authoring Components for Flash MX 2004 Available

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Finally, the Flash Communication Server MX authoring components have been updated to work with Flash MX 2004 on Windows (Macintosh will be released soon).

I did not find a description of what exactly has changed in this updater. Peldi, do you have some more information on this? The first conclusion I can take is that it still uses the V1 component framework so does not use AS 2.0 or have the Halo look and feel (unfortunately).

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  1. Waldo Smeets says:

    Asa Whillock posted the following at the Chattyfig FlashComm mailing list:

    Hi all,

    The Authoring Components installer has been updated to work with Flash MX 2004, and they are available here.

    Here’s some information about what the Updaters have and do not have.

    Do Have:

    1. The primary focus of this update was to get the components working with Flash 7. As you know, previous components were not compatable with AS 2 and Flash 7 – this update fixes that.

    2. Authoring Support for Flash MX 2004. Previous Authoring Components setup tools for Flash MX, now this update will install those same tools – that is the Communication App Inspector, Context Help, Debug Include Files, and corrected Intrinsic Class files into Flash MX.

    3. Updated Intrinsic Class Files. The class files used to make AS2 in Flash 2004 have been corrected to allow for Flash Communication Server app scripting out of the box.

    4. Updated help files for Client Side AS Dictionary, Server Side AS Dictionary, Managing Server and Developing Guides.

    What the Updater is Not:

    The functionality of the Communication Components have not changed. They do not make use of the v2 components or the Halo architeture therein. The components now use the Flash UI v1 components updated for Flash 7.

    Also for Mac Users, updates to the components identical to those for Windows are ready, but final details in the delivery system will delay their release until after Christmas.

    That’s the info on these updated components for now. I’ll be happy to field any questions you guys have on the update.

    Happy Holidays,

    Asa Whillock

  2. Hans Omli says:

    Now that these are out, I hope Macromedia can focus on getting v2 component architecture components together. I’m less worried about halo than I am supporting Flash 2004’s screen-based model for broadcasting presentations (rather than frame-based as with the current flashcom components).

  3. Waldo Smeets says:

    Hans, can you explain a little bit more what problems you have using the v1 FlashCom components in screen-based applications?

  4. Hans Omli says:

    From what I can tell, the FlashCom presentation component is set up to display each frame of a swf as a slide. I haven’t had any luck with MX 2004’s slides (rather than using frames as slides). Am I doing something incorrectly?

    Also, any word on a new version of FlashCom in the forseeable future? I’d love to see strong integration with the v2 component architecture.