Dec 17 2003

RIA-Guru Al Noor Ladhani writes on Post HTML Technology

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Dr. Ir. Al Noor Ladhani has written another lengthy but very good article on the value of Rich Internet Applications named “Rich Internet Applications: van HTML naar Post HTML Technologie”  (sorry, only in Dutch). He uses some very detailed examples of what RIA can mean for a company. More importantly, he studies the differences between HTML and Post HTML applications from three perspectives; Technology, Ratio and Emotion. Oh yeah, you need some time to read it through; it’s a 14 page document!

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4 Responses to “RIA-Guru Al Noor Ladhani writes on Post HTML Technology”

  1. Jim Cheng says:

    For those who don’t understand Dutch, WorldLingo has a decent machine translator that can output a fairly readable English version of the page. (You’ll have to click an icon periodically through the article though, as the translator only does sections of the page at a time).

  2. Thanks for the tip Jim Cheng. I am quite impressed by the machine translation. Is is indeed not to bad. A human reader can grasp the main story line from the result of this machine translator.

  3. james says:

    just thought you all might like to see how an advanced html coder is avoiding that familiar HTML screen refresh using XMLHTTP.

    “Content can be dynamically loaded from a remote source and parsed client-side, etc., allowing loading of content without changing URLs. (Google’s Gmail, for example, uses this.)”

    It still is a lot of work to create much easier and quicker dev time using Flash

  4. Waldo Smeets says:

    It’s a nice site for sure. I like the design as well as the interaction. It’s for sure that modern browsers will support these things a lot better now but unfortunately you are still developing for many different browserrs.

    This note scared me a bit: “This code may contain questionable ECMA-script practices. Particularly in terms of object-oriented, event-driven, hacked recursive animation script. May crash IE on win32, so watch out.” This makes it very clear that this is still cutting edge stuff and absolutely not ready yet for mainstream, right?

    Choosing a platform for RIA development is not just a matter of ‘is it possible’, but it’s also about the ease of development, the debugging tools that you get and of course also the rendering capabilities of the platform (benefit of HTML+JS is that it’s fast, benefit of Flash is that it’s vectors).

    Anyway, thanks for the nice URL!