Aug 26 2003

“Many of you have already noticed our new and

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Many of you have already noticed our new and updated We call it 2004, and we’re very excited about it.” If you are like me and have completely forgotten to check the DevNet Center this week, get there now! Apart from articles about the new products it also contains some interesting insight into the thinking behind “ 2004”.

Do you remember the Beta Progress Reports that we wrote in March this year when we were moving our entire site to ColdFusion MX on JRun 4, and did a major redesign? I know that lots of people appreciated that Macromedia was so open and shared it’s experience with the community. Well, there is a series of new ‘reports’ on DevNet that cover the latest updates to the site. They explain the goals we had set, why and how we tried to reach them. If this interests you, you should defenitely read The New An Experience That Simply Works Better and Behind the New, New For all articles covering visit the Topic Center.

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