Mar 20 2003

I would like to start up a discussion on Rich

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I would like to start up a discussion on Rich Interfaces. We at Macromedia have been promotion them for quite some months now, and we see new RIA’s popping up every day, which is great. However, there is one thing that I think we all should try to promote a littlebit more; Fluent Interfaces.

Explanation: Almost all the RIAs that I see on the web have static designs, they have a fixed with or scale on larger screens. Instead of that, I prefer to have more content! (I did not buy a big monitor to not use 50% of it ;-)) Honestly said, the RIAs Macromedia has developed so far are not fluent as well, and I think we should improve that to show our users how to do it.

Before I end up writing a huge post on this, I would like to have your feedback. What do you think about fluent versus fixed interfaces, are there reasons why to go for fixed instead of fluent, and are there things that are missing now to make you able to build better fluent interfaces, do you have tips for developers to create fluent interfaces, how can Macromedia help to achieve all this?

Let me know what you think, I hope the end result is that we will all create fluent RIAs soon!

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