Nov 08 2002

A new Flash product named ScreenWeaver MX has been

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A new Flash product named ScreenWeaver MX has been announced by the guys from Rubberduck.From their website:

Screenweaver MX extends the traditional Flash capabilities. It provides you with a toolset to produce rich client desktop applications. Our target audience are Flash MX developers and Win32 programmers.

  • Screenweaver MX provides a Programming Interface which is directly accessible from ActionScript enabling the developer to control the way the application interacts with the user and the operating system in runtime.

  • Screenweaver MX provides many ready made Flash MX components, you can start building flash enabled desktop applications quickly

  • The Screenweaver MX interface is itself a powerful testimony to the use of Flash MX as a rich desktop client.

  • Screenweaver MX tightly integrates with the Flash MX authoring environment.

They still accept new beta testers for this program so check for more information.

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