Oct 30 2002

I posted a componentized version of the Trio

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I posted a componentized version of the Trio Navigation Menu (see it in action)that you see in lots of the presentations given by me and which is being used in several of the DesDev tutorials. I showed this component during my session From Static to Dynamic Interfaces and people keep asking me for the source code. Well, here it is. It includes the static version, the dynamic version and a demo using Flash Remoting to fill the menu.

Please keep in mind that this is an unfinished component and that it’s main goal is learning purposes! It’s purpose only is to show that Dynamic Interfaces can be very powerfull; try changing the menu in first the static and then the dynamic menu, it’s done in seconds in the dynamic version whilst the static takes as whole lot more time.

I am sure that things can be optimized and improved, but I don’t have the time to go through that process. Please sent me any code modifications if you make any. Enjoy this component demo.

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