Oct 03 2002

The guys at Rhinofly (Macromedia Partner) have

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The guys at Rhinofly (Macromedia Partner) have made a very cool video which they posted on their blog. The technologies used are Flash MX, a video camera, Sorenson compression and a very cool racing circuit 😉 Even though it technically is a simple example, it really shows that a video can put lots of emotion into a website: It’s very clear that these guys amused themselves whilst making this movie and it really makes me wish that I could play with those cars too!

The video loads really quick on my machine and also the quality is good. I am not sure whether it’s because I do have a broadband connection and because their server is very close to me; It makes me wonder what the file size is, cause I think that are only using the ‘normal’ streaming features of Flash MX, and not something more exotic like the Flash MX Communication Server. Guys at Rhinofly, if you read this post please let me know 😉

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