Jun 08 2008

Adobe Benelux presales team launching Dr Flex and Dr LiveCycle blogs

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The Adobe Netherlands and Belgium presales team has started the “dr Flex & dr LiveCycle” weblog. Combined with the blog we are hosting a series of small consult-style meetings over the next few months. The idea is to be available one day per month for enterprise level questions and discussions on Adobe LiveCycle ES and Adobe Flex. So if you are an enterprise user of the Adobe software, feel free to drop by at one of these meetings. Please note that we won’t cover generic support questions, Adobe already has some good channels to address those 😉

“During these sessions “Dr Flex & Dr LiveCycle”, observe your common Flex & LC symptoms. They advise on how to implement Adobe Enterprise Software and work in a healthy IT environment by giving you a FREE ‘health check’ session.”

The blog has a bit of a broader scope, including less enterprise specific tips and tricks about Flex and LiveCycle, but as times goes by we hope to add a nice Benelux taste to the content!

ps: We are starting the blog and the consults very low profile, but personally I have the hopes that finally these types of discussions will move into an Adobe Enterprise Developers usergroup, so let’s see where we get. I know a discussion about this topic is already ongoing at a few Adobe partners with the founders of the Adobe Flex User Group, so let’s see where things end. We definitely plan to leverage the usergroups as much as we can (some of us will be attending the first Flugr meeting later this week).

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3 Responses to “Adobe Benelux presales team launching Dr Flex and Dr LiveCycle blogs”

  1. Did anyone attend one of these events?

    How did it go?

    Input would be great…


  2. Waldo Smeets says:

    Hi Damian, yes the events definitely have been attented by developers, so we continue hosting them 🙂 Why the particular interest?


  3. Great initiative! It’s like a FAQ for RIA developers, but then in real life. The analogy with a doctor’s practice is fun.