Apr 16 2008

Flex User Group Netherlands ready to launch

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Check out www.flugr.nl (love the name!) and join the Dutch Flex User Group  aka Nederlandse Flex User Group.

This is supposed to be a true community where Dutch speaking Flex developers are sharing all relevant information with each other. I am looking forward to some real technical deep sessions coming from them, without the sales pitch I always mix in when I present 😉

First meeting is scheduled for friday 13th (no kidding) june. I know the guys behind this initiative and they are truely talented and very passionate so I hope you will join them and share the love!

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3 Responses to “Flex User Group Netherlands ready to launch”

  1. The websites gives an error when I tried to signup

  2. Hi Patrick,

    for a few hours there was a bug in the signup page. Is fixed and hope you will join us.


  3. Jijo says:

    Hi Guys,

    Could any one help out how do i capture the browser back button even using Flex(AS3), So that when ever the user click the back button there should not be any navigations.. I should return to home page.. These are due to security reasons

    Could any one help me out..