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Jan 17 2007

What makes a great RIA development practice

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Good article by Cynergy Systems on what makes a good RIA development practice. Two things in the article actually got my attention – his ‘frustration’ about low priced programmers as well as the mention of the designer – developer workflow. I’d like to start with quoting Dave his ending note, cause I could not summarize […]

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Jan 10 2007

Adobe Consulting hiring Technical and User-Experience Consultants in Belgium, Netherlands or Luxembourgh.

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We are looking for senior Flex and LiveCycle consultants to join our consulting team in EMEA (you’ll be based in the Benelux) and work on top projects for our major customers. For more information read our posting on Monsterboard and the Adobe Jobs website.

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Jan 06 2007

No More SNAP (WAS: To SNAP or not to SNAP?)

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With the new blogsystem I also introduced SNAP into my site to give you all previews of a page when you rollover an external link. I had seen it on some other sites and somehow it felt convenient to me. However, I’ve read on the web that some people don’t like SNAP. Apparently because of […]

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Jan 03 2007

New Year, new blogsystem

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I’ve decided to update my blogsystem as I felt that the old blogman_v2 CFC didn’t meet todays blogging standards any longer (no trackbacks, no comment spam filtering, no trackbacks, no tags etc). I first refused to move away from this ColdFusion application because it’s the only serverside language I really know and thus could maintain. […]

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