Nov 16 2006

Flex Consumer Portal UI:

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Awesome Flex-based portal for Belgacom TV in Belgium, Created by, subsidiary of LB Icon.


  • Portal look and feel (nice reference for enterprise customers that consider a next generation customizable portals)
  • Drag and drop of pods
  • Multi-lingual application
  • Rich User Interface
  • Nice calendar interface

It’s only the first release (they are planning several) and I am impressed with the speed at which the team created this. However, I know there’s still a lot of things they’d like to implement in future versions. Would be nice to see them move to Flash Video as well. 😉

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2 Responses to “Flex Consumer Portal UI:”

  1. John M. Stallier says:

    It is just a HTML+AJAX feeling site. It is just another showcase on the bad use of Flex, very slow response in slow machine. User cannot save useful information, cannot deep link bookmark, cannot click back button.

  2. Waldo Smeets says:

    John, I share your concerns on whether Flex should be used for regular websites or not. Sometimes it works out fine, sometimes not.

    It actually reminds me that I also should have blogged the critical issues that I raised in an email to them when reviewing the website.

    – I agree with the back button and bookmarking. I already discussed this with them and they are aware that this is a need. I’ve been told they are working on it. (this site heavily uses States, my opinion is that Adobe should try to link States into the History Manager, like we did with ViewStack)

    – Regarding saving; they provided Save as PDF for most important information sections, so I don’t feel like that is missing (and I think if users had both choices they wouldn’t even think about hitting Save)