Mar 21 2006

SNS Bank to use Adobe Breeze for online Mortgage advice

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Today Molblog announced that the Dutch SNS Bank will use Adobe Breeze for real-time online mortgage advice and sales. I am sure this will be one of the worlds first implementations of online mortage sales of this kind; it’s very close to the experience or a real-world meeting with your advisor, but without the hassle of travelling.

I’ve joined several test sessions (I happen to be buying my first house, so it’s very close to my real world) and I think it’s an awesome experience; Customers looking for a new mortgage contract can contact one of the SNS Bank advisors online, through Adobe Macromedia Breeze. Whilst using voice over IP and video over IP customers can receive detailed information through presentations and shared applications and will leave the meeting room with a customized quote from the bank.

All of this is made possible through Adobe Breeze and the Flash Platform, of course, and thus will be accessible to almost anyone. The service will go live later next month.

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