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Feb 14 2006

Ben Forta coming to Brussels and Amsterdam in March for update on ColdFusion and integration with Flex 2

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Ben Forta will be in Brussels on the 22nd of March, and in Amsterdam on 23rd of March 2006. Ben will host the presentation on “Flex 2 for ColdFusion developers”, introducing the new Flex Builder 2 and new ColdFusion Flex integration. More information and registration for the Brussels event here and for the Amsterdam event […]

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Feb 06 2006

Blogging wireless from train on my way home

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This is fantastic, free wireless internet in 1st class of the train from Amsterdam to where I live. Since my trip takes about an hour and halve, this is great for my productivity (and pleasure). I’d never have thought to see this happen in my own country 😉

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Feb 03 2006

Adobe Flex 2 Example: Skinning Framework support for 9-slice MovieClips from Adobe Flash Professional 8

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I’ve been playing around with 9-slice support in Adobe Flex 2 for quite a bit. I’m pleased to show with this example that the process of making your own expressive designs for the Adobe Flex Framework, through skins, has been dramatically improved in the new framework. A mayor new feature is that it includes support […]

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