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Nov 25 2005

TNO looking for HBO Students for Flex graduation project

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Interesting page at TNO website; the first graduation project that I’ve found on the web targetted to HBO students with Flex knowledge. Is this an Interesting trend that is about to start?

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Nov 24 2005

Speaking at JavaPolis 2005: Learn about Flex 2 and especially Flex Enterprise Services for J2EE

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Macromedia partners with JavaPolis 2005 to introduce the Flex 2 product line to European Java developers and architects. I’ll be presenting on the Flex Enterprise Services and the Eclipse-based IDE for developing with the Flex 2 Framework and the brand new Flash Virtual Machine. We’ll also have a booth where we can answer all your […]

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Nov 22 2005

Coding for Flex 2.0 in Flex 1.5

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I wanted to blog about the same for a while, but never got to it. Check out Peter Ent his coding advice that gives a good summary of how you can already prepare/optimize your Flex 1.5 code for migration to Flex 2.0: Data type everything; Don’t use inline objects to dispatch events. Even though Peter […]

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