Oct 17 2005

Flex Alpha users in Benelux & Scandinavia, make yourself known

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Now the alpha bits of the Flex 2 Platform have been made available at labs.macromedia.com,  I’d like to know which developers from my region (Benelux & Scandinavia) are playing around with it. Please send me an email or leave your comments here. I want to know who are trying to become the experts that I can work with 😉

ps: I’m also planning a get together anywhere later this year.

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13 Responses to “Flex Alpha users in Benelux & Scandinavia, make yourself known”

  1. Peter says:

    great idea about that get together — always nice to meet up with some other benelux developers 😉

  2. Tavs Jack Dalaa says:

    Terrific idea! I’m curious about who else is active in the region.

    I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark, serving clients in EU and US.

  3. Trond Ulseth says:

    Our company is doing web application development, mainly using ColdFusion with the traditional (D)HTML UI. With the advent of Flex 2 we will over time fase our application UI’s over to the Flash platform. I can’t wait to play around with the new FlexBuilder and integrated compiler.

    We are based in Kristiansund, Norway.

  4. Waldo Smeets says:

    Cool to see replies from Scandi. I’ll let you guys know via this blog when I am over again.

  5. Michael Hansen says:

    I’m a long time software professional (1985), and have rarely been so excited about the business. RIA is about to boom, and the end-user are finally going to get some user-friendly interfaces.

    I was lucky to be on the 1.5 flex beta tester program, and got a taste of the goods early on. However, as I stated then in the final review, I was a bit disappoint with flex builder 1.5 compared to equivalent development env. done by Microsoft, and Eclipse.

    Happily Macromedia is a company that listens, and ‘Zorn looks superb!!

    I have no doubt that web2.0 Flash based application development is the future; Macromedia doing such hard work to deliver innovative software, and the flourishing Open Source Community (osflash.org) with lots of interesting projects, and smart people helps to keep the buzz going.

    I recently quit my job as a software architect at very large danish company to start on my own, and there’s no question about: Flex is going to be a part of my active portfolio!

    -michael hansen
    Copenhagen, Denmark

  6. Kai Hannonen says:

    We’re working with the new Flex product line as well. We will try to get some demos out soon 🙂

    So far the Flex Builder 2 has been awesome.


    Helsinki, Finland

  7. Tha Narie says:

    Downloading all the Flex2 files at the moment! Hope it rocks! Can’t wait to work with it!

    It’s great that alpha’s and beta’s are available for the public, so we know what’s going on, instead of waiting 2 years for the next release 😉


    Arjan van Wijk

    Hilversum, The Netherlands

  8. Frank Spee says:

    Downloaded the flex product line and got it working. Hoping to do some good testing with ActionScript 3.0. It’s so amazing, finally the moment has come, this is what we are all dreaming of for at least 5 years 😉

    It is time for one platform, the Flash Platform!

    Frank Spee – Netherlands

  9. Tavs Jack Dalaa says:

    Michael, nice to see a fellow Dane is cracking away on Flex. Drop me a mail sometime, and let’s have lunch!

    tdalaa (at) gmail.com

  10. Yes, count me in as Flex Alpha 2.0 “user”.

    As our company is mainly developing Microsoft Windows based desktop applications, the immediatate benefit of Flex may not be obvious. However, since we are presently generating large Digital Dashboards with Flash components by means of an extension to the flash IDE, this may provide a means for leveraging Flex 2.0. Exciting stuff.

    As a sidenote: Thanks for the excellent MAX2005 presentation Waldo.

    Roderick de Roo
    The Netherlands

  11. Another Dutch Flex Builder 2.0 user! 🙂
    Played with the Builder and AS3.0 for some hours now and I can only conclude that is rocks! Great job Macromedia!

  12. Ralph says:

    Well, doing the as3 / Flex 2 thing for some time now, it’s the coolest. Very interrested to meet some of the Danish developers, since I am there every other week, instead of Amsterdam, the Netherlands where I have my daily job. Aarhus Denmark anyone?

  13. I started a belgian gamevertising company in september this year. We deliver online advertising campaigns with online (mini-)gaming as central concept. I’m developing a gaming and competition platform to organize large-scale highscoring systems. Flex is the ideal technology to deliver the frontend for such an highly interactive and data rich application.
    Last year I used Flex 1.5 for my thesis (and some other non-commercial projects). I want to launch the gaming platform in January 2006, but now I’m experimenting with Flex 2, I’m considering to delay. Has anyone any idea when the commercial version of Flew 2 will be available? If we decide to purchase Flex 1.5 for the first months, what are our options to upgrade to Flex 2?