Oct 06 2005

Macromedia Flex 2 product line

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I’m sure this is overwhelming when you did not anticipate it to happen; the Macromedia Flex 2 product line has been announced. It’s not just an upgrade, it’s much more than that;

  • A brand new, highly-optimized ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM2) embedded in Flash Player 8.5; including E4X, regular expressions, integrated event handling, runtime error reporting and binary sockets;
  • Flex Enterprise Services: messaging services for real time data that integrate with your existing messaging infrastructures, support for automated testing, large datasets, occasionally available services and much more which will be announced later;
  • Flex Framework 2; more components, more features, much more performant and more capabilities to build expressive applications;
  • Flex Builder 2 build on the Eclipse Platform: more advanced ActionScript editing features, support for States that are a feature of the framework 2 (I think they can best be described as more advanced/powerfull ViewStacks), incremental compile on file save, cool new debugging and more;
  • Next generation Charting Components;

I’ve played with this every now and then, t’s increadibly cool stuff. Even better, the ColdFusion team has been working hard with the Flex team to make sure that CF customers can take full advantage of the Flex 2 Platform as well!

Be sure to come to Macromedia MAX 2005 in Anaheim to see all this cool stuff coming out of the Macromedia labs and sign up here to be notified for the public alpha!

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  1. sebastian herrera says:

    Hello Waldo, first of all thanks for your time. I’m a little bit confuse about flex, because I saw a lot of good examples and forecast for this app. but right now I dont understand why Macromedia limits the EULA for non-commercial use, and hosting of FLEX Solutions is not available right now. In my case im very interested in FLEX Capabilities for commerce, but with this kind of limitations its very difficult to put all the eforts and resources (limited) to focus in this development. Hope you can clarifiy me more about this incredible product and future steps to see when it would be great to focus on this in a commercial way.
    best regards
    sebastian herrera