Jun 22 2004

Macromedia Europe is hiring new technical people

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Macromedia is currently recruiting for a number of technical positions within Europe – actually Europe, Middle East and Africa. Read on if you have good technical skills relevant to our business and if you want to work for Macromedia!

Two of the most relevant positions to mention here are the one of RIA Sales Engineer for the UK – yes, you will become my colleague – and the one of Solutions Engineer in EMEA for our Mobile and Devices division.

We already had a few non-technical positions open, but I did not think they were interesting for the readers of this blog). Below are the excerpts of the technical jobs that are open. If the job is already posted on the Macromedia website I have linked to it. Of course you can always contact me if you are interested, I will try to lead you to the right people at Macromedia Europe!

Sales Engineer – RIA

Location: UK

Purpose of job: To promote and demonstrate the Macromedia Rich Internet Application (RIA) agenda nationally within the UK and Scandinavian region to a variety of organisations concentrating on corporate, new partners, Government and general web development companies.

Principal Responsibilities:

  1. To support and develop business opportunities within a variety of customers across the UK and Scandinavia. This would include participating at introductory meetings, presenting the company products to a technical level, building of prototype concepts and offering pre sales support to customers.
  2. To present and demonstrate Macromedia RIA products, strategies and technologies at Macromedia events including seminars and exhibitions with the main focus being Flex and it’s associated technologies.
  3. To gain an extensive understanding of all Macromedia RIA products and strategies, including an in-depth knowledge of Flex, MXML and ActionScript 2.0 and also gain an underlying knowledge of policies including the Macromedia Volume Licence Plan and Alliance Partnership Programmes.
  4. To maintain a good understanding of other Macromedia products and iniatives.
  5. To integrate, support and work with regional team.
  6. Acquire and maintain top line understanding of the general market and competition.
  7. General administrative responsibilities including monthly expenses, reports and participation in UK meetings.

No link yet, contact me directly (via email) and I will forward to HR.

Solutions Engineer for the Mobile and Devices division in EMEA

In this position you will be the technical expert/evangelist working with the field sales operation supporting the sales process of Macromedia’s Mobile and Devices product offering.

You will leverage the Macromedia brand, reputation and installed customer base, over one million licensed developers using Macromedia Flash, to enable the deployment of Macromedia products on a broad range of mobile devices. Macromedia is lighting up the mobile world with interactive multimedia and your efforts will result in enriched experiences for millions of people worldwide.

Click here for more info on your responsibilities, requirements and to apply for this job.

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7 Responses to “Macromedia Europe is hiring new technical people”

  1. Peter says:

    great to see some european macromedia job openings, they sure look interesting! 😉

  2. what a pity….Spain is out of the game 🙁

  3. Waldo Smeets says:

    Hi Peter, are you gonna apply? 😉

    Carlos, I know some people that even want to move to work for Macromedia! Serious though, we currently do have two great technical sales people in Spain and we would love to grow to more, maybe in the future?

  4. Peter says:

    lol Waldo, not sure if I’m in with much of a chance 😉

    I’ll certainly give it some thought, there aren’t too many Macromedia job opening in Europe so I might as well give it a shot some time.

  5. That would be great Waldo! 🙂 .

    Wish to hear from MM that there’s a bit more “aggressive” strategy here in Spain so Flex could take off at the enterprise…IMHO, nowadays MM presence is very low and there’s too virgin field to explore here.

  6. Nice to see a RIA role come up for the UK and North Europe, if the role could be run from the UK I might give it a shot !

  7. Waldo Smeets says:

    It is from the UK (actually the great Bracknell ;-)), so go ahead and give it a try!