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Apr 08 2004

Blogging about Macromedia Flex

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I’ve spend quite some time during the last few months to do Macromedia Flex development. It’s about time to blog about it. Learning MXML and the Flex API is an interesting experience, it feels like a mix of going back to the first days of learning HTML (“what was that tag exactly?”), learning the DOM like I used […]

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Apr 07 2004

Volvo uses Flash video for Route v50 marketing: Great user experience

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Nice usage of Flash video by Volvo. The rest of this promo site is great as well, it really creates a good user experience. Unfortunately I have no idea who developed this (please contact me if you know who did). [via] The quality of the small movie that plays first is not that great, but […]

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Apr 06 2004

Dutch presentation ‘Beginnen met CSS en Dreamweaver’ now available

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I have made the Dutch presentation that we used for the seminer “Beginnen met CSS en Dreamweaver” available as a Macromedia Breeze presentation with a little questionnaire at the end. Just register as a new user to get access to the presentation. The english version will follow soon.

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Apr 01 2004

Short note for visitors of Dreamweaver CSS seminars

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A short note to all visitors of this week’s Getting Started with CSS and Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 seminars; the presentation will most likely not be posted here before the weekend. Please make sure that you check back later 😉

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