Mar 17 2004

First ColdFusion MX book in Dutch?

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I normally don’t promote software books on my weblog, but the next thing is worth mentioning: it looks like the first Dutch book on ColdFusion MX (book website) made it into the bookstores! It covers ColdFusion MX, developing CF with Dreamweaver and last but not least working with Flash Remoting MX.

I just wanted to post it here because this gives me a good feeling. It shows that ColdFusion as well as Flash Remoting are still getting more and more attention in the BeNeLux!

I hope this book will help many Dutch developers to get familiar with our beautifull technology 🙂

Disclaimer: I have not read this book so I’d love to hear from you if you have.

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2 Responses to “First ColdFusion MX book in Dutch?”

  1. Peter Elst says:

    Great news, its very strange that this is the first book in Dutch had no idea there was so little available.

    Truth be told I only buy English titles myself, wish some established publishers would jump on the bandwagon of localized books on Macromedia software. I guess its simply down to market economics. Would love to work on some Dutch titles myself it just seems much more difficult to spark an interest.

  2. Rob Brooks-Bilson says:

    Most publishers are open to localizing books, but as you mention, it’s based on demand. My publisher (O’Reilly) translated the first edition of my book Programming ColdFusion into Russian and Portuguese based on customer demand.

    If you really want to see books on Macromedia technologies translated into your native language, I’d definitely suggest contacting the publishers of those books and letting them know.