Feb 12 2004

Flash Data Wizards released

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Via Ben Forta: “The Macromedia Flash team has released two new Flash Wizards. The ‘Data Connection Wizard‘ simplifies the process of connecting back-end data (Web Services or XML) to a data set and data grid, setting up all the controls and bindings. The ‘DataGrid Column Editor‘ generates ActionScript code for datagrid manipulation and configuration. Both wizards are available for immediate download from the Flash Exchange.”

If you were at MAX you might remember that these wizards were sneak peaked by the Flash team. Note to FireFly users: this one is also for you, it will help you to move the MX 2004!

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7 Responses to “Flash Data Wizards released”

  1. Peter Elst says:

    I was wondering when we’d hear more about those wizards in Flash 🙂 Any info available on how they can be build?

  2. Lucian Beebe says:

    These two wizards were built using our extensibiliy API in Flash MX 2004. You’ll hear it called the JSAPI or JSFL API. This is a fully documented API that you can learn more about in the documentation: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flash/ You can also see some examples of the API on that web page.

    Hope this helps


  3. Peter Elst says:

    Right thanks for clearing that up Lucian, I wrongly assumed that all that talk about wizards was related to the wizard icon in the component inspector panel 🙂

  4. SMS Sprche says:

    Good Article – it’s nice to read it. Question: is it possible to translate this for our German Users, linke me :), it would be much easier. Thanks…

  5. Rezepte says:

    Cool, thanks

  6. Hochzeit says:

    interesting, thanks!

  7. Rezepte says:

    WOW, big thanks!