Jan 25 2004

Flash mySQL Panel: Dreamweaver like database panel for Flash

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Today I found a Flash extension that was on my To Do list for a while: mySQL Panel. Unfortunately it only works for PHP and mySQL, but the idea is fantastic. You can almost compare it with the web services panel in Flash Pro or the Database panel in Dreamweaver; it allows you to introspect your databases, the tables and the table structure. This can defenitely be usefull if you do a lot of backend integration and can’t remember all those field names 🙂

As mentioned, Dreamweaver already has this functionality, and more. Dreamweaver also allows you see the records in the database, and drag and drop things on your ‘stage’.

An important feature in Dreamweaver is the concept of a Site and the relevant capabilities to upload the connection information to the server (the serverside pages that will take care of the communication with the tool). It would be awesome if we had this functionality in Flash as well. Not sure whether it’s possible but I think it should, because of the shared site settings in Flash Pro for Check In and Check Out (the question is whether JSAPI allows you to get to it).

I wished I had some more time to pick this up myself (never got further than the idea and a few small tests). Any JSAPI guru out there that can extend on this idea and take it one step further?

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  1. Well, I’m a bit embarrased by your kind comments about the mySQL panel.

    As you mentioned, it only works for PHP and mySQL, but it could be easely ported to ASP, JSP, … I’ll try to do it myself, but don’t know really when I’ll have the time…

    Anyway, back to your post, it’ll be great to improve the functionality of the Flash IDE, and integrate it even more with our backends.

  2. roland says:

    i just want ot way