Jan 05 2004

Cell Phone Finders are hot in Germany

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Vodafone started a Cell Phone Finder RIA back in July 2003, but now they see nearly all their competitors (actually all the major carriers) in Germany offering similar applications; T-Mobile and ePlus also created online ‘Handy Finders’ 🙂 I’m sure most of you realize what these carriers have been inspired by?

Even though the T-Mobile app looks slick, I don’t find it as responsive as other comparible applications. I think it mostly has to do with the animation of the phones to the back and front; this causes some delay.

I was a littlebit confused by the ePlus site because they have included part of the application parameter UI elements in their navigationbar on the left, so I did not notice it at first sight (talk about usablity). Maybe it’s just because I followed the direct link, I am not sure.

(via my colleague Sven Doelle from Germany)

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