Jan 05 2004

Welcome Director MX 2004!

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The press release still has to be published on the website, but the new Director MX 2004 product page is up and running already! I’m not a Director user myself but the biggies seem to be DVD Video support, JavaScript syntax (no worries, we have not dropped Lingo) and Flash MX 2004 and Flash Player 7 support.

Something that I also find nice is that you now can publish to Mac from the Win platform, and the other way around (I don’t think this was possible in previous versions).

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2 Responses to “Welcome Director MX 2004!”

  1. Peter Elst says:

    Great news, one of my favourite new features is support for organically shaped windows.

  2. Gert-Jan Brok says:

    You can do this with older versions as well. Except now it is integrated in the publish function. Very cool indeed!