Dec 01 2003

Updated Dreamweaver extensions by Macromedia

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I was browsing the Dreamweaver Exchange and noticed that the Dreamweaver team has updated many extensions that they have written in the past.

All of them have been updated to work with Dreamweaver MX 2004 and Fireworks MX 2004, and many also did get some small new features. Visit the Dreamweaver Exchange to download the newest versions of extensions like; Cleanup Frontpage HTML, Publish Web Command, Insert Flash HTML, Dreamweaver MX 2004 Platform SDK (very cool stuff for extension developers), Web Photo Album, Learning Site Extensions and JavaScript Intergraton Kit for Macromedia Flash.

Besides that I noticed some nice extensions by other developers. It really has been too long ago that I looked at this part of the Macromedia website. It’s good to see that the extensibility community is still alive and kicking, despite the current economy (at least, I always had the impression that the economy was the reason that we did not see as many new extensions as a few years ago).

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4 Responses to “Updated Dreamweaver extensions by Macromedia”

  1. Rostik says:

    Very useful, thank you!

  2. Rostik says:

    Very useful, thank you!

  3. why doesnt someone make a blog extension for dreamweaver. Forget all though stupid clients when you could use dreamweaver directly.
    Just make sure it supports livejournal

  4. Jay Shen says:

    How about port these extensions to be used in Flex Builder??? I am wondering if anyone tries to use DreamWeaver Extensions in Flex Builder…thanks…