Nov 16 2003

Arrived in Salt Lake City

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I left home 24 hours ago and finally arrived in Salt Lake City for MAX. When looking out my hotel room window – I am staying in Marriot Salt Lake City Center – I can see the Salt Palace Convention Center from a distance. The taxi driver drove me by (we had to drop a German lady who is visiting MAX at Marriot Downtown, which is opposite to the conference center) and I was wondering what it will look like next Thursday, stuffed with 2000 Macromedia users :-)It was a tough trip with delays and too many transfers, but I made it and should not complaign; I was lucky to have no ‘neighbours’ during the flight, so I could stretch my long legs a little bit better than normally. The hotel room looks good, there is a broadband internet connection and I have already met a few MAX visitors. That’s all I need 😉

When are you arriving?

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  1. Waldo, would love to say that I’ll see you there but will not be making the long trip over…

    Maybe we can entice you to come down under and visit us at MXDU ( here in Sydney in Feb 2004 – it’s the Asia/Pac version of MAX and we reckon that it’ll be a beauty!!

  2. ~Angela says:

    Be sure to introduce yourself Waldo! It will be nice to meet you after so long. 🙂

  3. Waldo Smeets says:

    Hi Angela! I’ll be at the Macromedia booth very often, so I’m sure you’ll be able to catch me there 🙂