Nov 14 2003

Welcome Blogman, bye bye Blogger

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Well… it had to happen one day. I have been thinking about creating my own blog for months but never really got to it (I am sure you know that feeling). Now the community managers finally got me moving. Not because they were pushing me, but because I wanted my blog to be synchronised with 🙂Blogger is nice but it certainly has got it’s limitations (no RSS feeds, no comments). I found workaround for these untill today. requires a dedicated RSS feed or a feed with categories, which was something that I did not have.

So I decided to move over to Blogman, a blogging application that ships with DRK 5. Please don’t critisize my layout and design…. I have been tweaking some standard Dreamweaver CSS pages. I am not sure whether I will ever get to updating it, but it’s good enough for the time being.

I have to say that I am quite happy with Blogman. I do not have any experience with other out-of-the-box systems so maybe I am just not sure whether I am missing some cool features. I like that it’s relatively easy to change the templates and that it has lots of pre-build functionality. I have done some tweaks to split the RSS feed from the configuration XML directory (for security reasons) and removed all serverside includes that requires .shtml pages.

I succeeded in porting all my old Blogger posts to Blogman using some clever Blogger templates, Dreamweaver’s powerfull Find and Replace functionality with regular expressions and of course ColdFusion to create new IDs etc. I was too lazy to also import all comments from my old website, sorry for that.

There are still many items that I would like to add to this system, like an XHTML editor, file upload and so on. But I think I’ll wait till that functionality hits a DRK as well. I also tried to get Pollster 2.0 to work, but unfortunately it does not work on MySQL servers (at least, that’s what I think is the cause).

Anyway, welcome to the new version of my weblog. Please sent me an email if you find things that are not working (I know the search does not work, still work in progress).

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4 Responses to “Welcome Blogman, bye bye Blogger”

  1. Gert says:


    Congrats with you new weblog look and feel.I have one remark.
    I don’t know if you tested on browser compatability but it looks not nice in Mozilla 1.4. In that other browser I use sometimes it seems ok.

  2. Waldo Smeets says:

    Good remark, I did not do many testing at all, I have to admit. I’ll get to it after MAX. I had to go online because I wanted to use the new XSL category feed 😉

  3. Waldo Smeets says:

    Gert, I am testing with Mozilla Firebird 0.7 and it seems to work fine. What problems to you see in the ‘norma’ Mozilla (not installed at the moment).

  4. Gert says:

    It’s mainly the left column.
    For instance , the table with the dates is partly shown over the text. The same goes for your e-mail address.