Oct 28 2003

A few years ago I developed my first Conditional

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A few years ago I developed my first Conditional Region extension for Dreamweaver UltraDev. I have pulled it from the web more than a year ago for many reasons, but still people are asking me for it. Well, here is good news: there is a new version of the extension on DRK 5!

My Conditional Region 2 extension was quite popular by non-techies. It allows them to show or hide regions of a dynamic page, based on a condition that is specified using a little wizard. Unfortunately the extension did not work when installed in Dreamweaver MX.

I started to develop version 2.5 of the extension almost 2 years ago during the Dreamweaver MX beta (for classic ASP, CF and PHP) but never finished it. Mainly because I started to work for Macromedia and did not have any time left for extension development. Nor did I have time to support the extension and answer the many questions that I got about how to make it work in MX. So, that was the reason to pull all the copies from the web.

As said, that was more than a year ago (18 months at the moment) but I still get many requests for the extension. For me that was the reason to hand the code over to the Dreamweaver team. The result is that they picked up development, made it work in MX and MX 2004 and even added support for .NET and JSP as well!

To conclude: Conditional Region 3 is now part of DRK 5.

I am sure that this will be a usefull little tool for all the non-coders out there, to take more out of their Dreamweaver! Feel free to sent Macromedia any feedback on how you think this kind of functionality can be improved in the future (on my wishlist is support for multiple conditions and IF… ELSE support, for example)This is a test

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