Oct 24 2003

DevNet Resource Kit 5 is now available for DevNet

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DevNet Resource Kit 5 is now available for DevNet subscribers. I have the impression that this is one of the most robust DRKs in history. Unfortunately I can only link to the DevNet Resource Kit home page since the DRK5 details have not been pushed live yet (expect them soon). Note that you can not yet buy this DRK-only, you can only get it if you have a DevNet subscription.

DRK 5 contains Flash MX 2004 and Flash Player 7 compatible versions of the Flash UI Component Sets from the previous DRKs, a Tab Bar component, a Selection to Drawing API extension and several samples applications.

For Dreamweaver MX 2004 there is an Advanced Search extension, Conditional Region Server Behavior, Javascript Panel, Polling Application Object, Privacy Policy Extension Suite and BCL WebContent extension.

For ColdFusion MX there is a Blog Application, Bug Tracker Application, Polster 2.0, Weblog Service Application (RSS feed as webservice) and some very nice CFCs, tags and functions.

Last but not least there is a FireWorks MX 2004 Duplicate, Offset & Rotate extension.

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