Jul 04 2003

More and more ColdFusion and Flash jobs: The

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More and more ColdFusion and Flash jobs: The overall economic situation is bad at the moment, but despite that I hear that our Macromedia Partners are looking for talented ColdFusion MX developers and Flash developers / designers (actually, I hear these requests more often then before). So, are you based in The Netherlands (or willing to move over) and looking for a job dealing with Rich Internet Development, ColdFusion MX or Flash MX? Then feel free to sent me an email and I will pass it on to the appropriate partners for you.

ps: Isn’t the fact that there still is an increasing need for CF and FL developers, despite the economic situation, an indication that Rich Internet Development is successfull, business wise?

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  1. i have develop alots of animation in flash and swish.
    i will soon upload those animation to the website

  2. Jack Mattrey says:

    to see some of my work you can visit


    I’m an interactive designer at the company…Flash is my primary tool

  3. akram says:

    I’m student in ISIMG (Institut of computer sciences and Multimedia) I’m good in Flash MX and i have an acceptable knowladge in 3D Studio Max I don’t know if this allaws me to work with you . PLZ send to me your answer thanks…

  4. Flash jobs are in need indeed. We could use some royalty based designers as well and are always looking. see here:


    5StarCards.com pays artists royalties when eCards they upload for Free are sent by others. We have a $2500 Best eCard Contest, a $500 Send or Rate an eCard Sweepstakes and pay affiliates 30 cents for every 100 bubbles collected.

    Artists get their own Bio Page, a Custom ‘My Art’ Link for email signature inclusion, which allows people to jump right to their work, and the ability to receive Fan Mail!

    Perfect artist jobs for those looking to work from home or between jobs.