Jun 19 2003

Developing Flash for Playstation 2 consoles, it

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Developing Flash for Playstation 2 consoles, it seems to be something that lots of people are interested in lately. Within the last 2 months I received more than 4 emails with questions about it (whilst I never received this queston before). It looks like there is not much information available on how to access the player on the PS2, what is possible, what the best practices are etc etc. I started to ask internally but it looks like we don’t have much experience either (or I just have not found it yet).

So, do you have any experience in developing Flash for Playstation 2? If so, please share your experience with the readers of this weblog or feel free to sent me an email.

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  1. michal says:

    There’s a chapter in “Flash Enabled” flash design & development for devices
    about development of flash for PS2, and it’s pretty good..

    the one thing that’s stoping flash developers, i think is the licencing cost involved in actually putting anything on PS2..