May 01 2003

Macromedia posted the Macromedia Q4 Fiscal ’03

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Macromedia posted the Macromedia Q4 Fiscal ’03 quarterly presentation. Even if you are not into finance you might want to go through this presentation; it contains some information on what Macromedia is up to in the future and gives some more insight in what’s going on in the market.

I’ve written down some quotes from Rob Burgess from the Breeze presentation (Note: I’m sure I missed a few, feel free to add them to the comments section);

  • “…recent study showed that of 300 sites, when Forrester looked at them from the point of view whether or not users could accomplish what they said out to accomplish on the site, only 3 got passing grades. “,
  • “..the adoption rate of our new player is actually occurring at a more rapid rate than ever before, it was at 72% last quarter and now it’s 84% “,
  • “…our new product Contribute is doing very well, sold over 30.000 copies of that…”,
  • “…now we are launching some new businesses that are based on the ubiquity of the Flash Player…”,
  • “…Microsoft has upgraded the shipment of Flash to Flash 6…”,
  • “…we are also in development of a very exciting new product that is a new platform for carriers to actually provide a next generation service for their mobile customers….”,
  • “…you can see examples of phones with Flash interfaces…”,
  • “…the clickthrough rate is about 10 times more effective from a clickthrough perspective using rich media versus non rich media…”,
  • “…by the summer, as Breeze and the Communication Server merge….”,
  • “…Macromedia Central {…..} we’ve got some early adapters that are already developing applications {…} you’ll start seeing this {..} in about six months.”,
  • “..we are heavilly in development of a major new server initiative that is really targeted towards application developers who wanna use Flash. Today they all use the same tool and later on this year, a next generation system code named Royale will hit the market and we think enable a whole new segment of the population to work very productively with Flash…”,
  • “…we will be launching this year a series of industry solutions….”,
  • “… if you look at the internet in all it’s promises, we’ve got this incredible infrastructure out there and we’ve got an application category that is working pretty well, HTML on the web. And there’s all these other application categories, that at the moment don’t have a user experience which is effective for most people for that application, and we can really do something about it…”

Again, feel free to post additional quotes if you think I missed them.

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