Mar 13 2003

I am sure that you already have noticed that we

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I am sure that you already have noticed that we released a Flash Remoting updater for .NET and J2EE. According to Mike Chambers, there will be a Remoting update in the next ColdFusion updater as well. Even if you are a CF-Remoting user, you can benefit from the updated Flash Remoting components as well. There have been some performance improvements in their code, which make the update a must for everyone.

Tom Muck was so friendly to analyse the changes in the code and post them on his site. Most changes have to do with the way the code walks through all items in an array; instead of evaluating the array length each time, you should store that value in a variable and use that variable in the loop.

This is a trick used very often by actionscripters and javascripters, I know. However, I wanted to share it with everyone else who had not heard about this before (I am sure that there are many). If you want to read more of such tips and tricks, you should defenitely study the ActionScript Coding Best Practices and read the articles on the DevNet section with Flash MX ActionScript articles.

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