Mar 03 2003

Design your own Delftware plate using a Rich

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Design your own Delftware plate using a Rich Internet Application!

The Netherlands is, besides of the wooden shoes and the windmills, very well known because of it’s beautifull Delfts Blauw (hand made porcelain from the city of Delft). Royal Delft is the last remaining Delftware factory from the 17th century still producing entirely handmade Delftware. On their website you can create your own plate using a Flash application and after that have it delivered to you! It’s very easy to use and works wonderfull, you can specify the text for the plate and the border and field patterns of it.

This RIA was developed by Macromedia partner theFactor.e and in my eyes a perfect example of how RIAs can improve the user experience on a website; if they did not build this application I would not have such a clear picture of what my plate would look like. What do you think about this application?

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