Feb 13 2003

John Dowdell blogs on a new RIA presentation at

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John Dowdell blogs on a new RIA presentation at macromedia.com:

“This is aimed mostly at IT and exec staffs, but could be useful for your own purposes if you’re trying to convince a client to take a specific direction on a new project. Al Ramadan (Macromedia), John Dalton (Forrester Research), Joseph Pine (The Experience Economy) and Pamela Kramer (E*Trade) take a television-like approach to demonstrating how realworld Rich Internet Applications are currently improving user experiences and providing measurable returns on investment. Towards the end it gets into a pitch on Studio MX and servers, but this presentation is still a clear demonstration of how the new technology makes for a better user experience. Runs about fifteen minutes, give it a look.”

This presentation requires a broadband connection, but defenitely is worth it.

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