Jan 20 2003

How often do you backup your Dreamweaver sites,

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How often do you backup your Dreamweaver sites, Site Defenitions, Dreamweaver Configuration Folders and so on? I do it quite regularly because I am installing and uninstalling lots of extensions, move my sites to other computers etc. Till now this took way too much time and it looks like I was not the only one with that problem; Jörg Schmalenberger created Dreamweaver Exporter. This utility allows you to backup and import all Dreamweaver Settings, Site Defenitions, Configuration Folders etc. Very cool and works with previous Dreamweaver versions and Contribute as well.

Some of you might remember that Paul Boon had a cool Configuration Switcher for DW4 which unfortunately does not work with Dreamweaver MX, I really miss that tool. Jörg seems to have covered these features in Dreamweaver Exporter as well. I have not played enough with it, but I think this will give us the power again of running different Dreamweaver configurations on one single machine without having to create new windows users. Imagine how usefull it would be to simply switch from a ColdFusion configuration to an ASP.NET configuration or a DHTML configuration; Dreamweaver will only load those extensions that you need. It’s also very usefull when you are developing extensions yourself! Let me know when you’ve played with this tool and how you like it.

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One Response to “How often do you backup your Dreamweaver sites,”

  1. Paddy Cocks says:

    I too use the MM exporter – excellent – or at least it used to
    now when I run it it says “Cannot create or replace test server 1”
    I have this in my site cache in docs and settings/application – but windows doesnt allow me to delete the entry – any ideas ??