Jan 14 2003

Incorrect news postings? Last week posts like

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Incorrect news postings? Last week posts like “Until now, there was no FlashCom hosting service on the european side of the atlantic” could be found on several popular weblogs (Flazoom, Actionscript.org, PocketPCFlash, Flash Magazine and Toast). This shows how fast blogging can be. It also shows that better communication about FlashCom hosts sometimes is required.

Why? Because this newsitem is not correct; I posted about a Dutch FlashCom hosting partner two months ago! And a Belgium FlashCom Partner launched it’s hosting programm one month ago during our Flash Communication Server MX Event in Brussels.

So is this bad news? No absolutely not, I am glad to see so many FlashCom hosts popping up everywhere 🙂 I am pretty sure that there are more FlashCom hosts in other European countries. So fi you are aware of them please feel free to post their link in my comments section.

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