Jan 08 2003

RubberDuck (from the well known

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RubberDuck (from the well known FlashComponents.net) today announced the immediate availability of a very cool product: Screenweaver MX. Screenweaver MX is a very easy but powerfull programm which adds additional functionality to your desktop Flash applications.

You can create a whole range of applications from screensavers (installers included) to applications that interact with your Windows environment, and even more! I had a screensaver up and running in less than a minute and have seen very advanced applications that were build during the beta process. I think that the best example of what can be build with Screenweaver MX is the product itself: “We used Screenweaver to build Screenweaver”, as their homepage states.

The programm can run in some sort of Wizard mode or in an advanced mode, depending on your own skills. You can use Actionscript to access it’s programming interface and comes with several Flash MX components to make developing applications inside Flash even easier. There are too many features to list here, simply check them out yourself.

Congrats to the “Rubber Ducks”; I’m very happy to have these talented people in The Netherlands (sorry, I could not resist promoting my region a bit. I am sure you’ve noticed that before)

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