Dec 18 2002

Another PiP application (PiP: Presenter in

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Another PiP application (PiP: Presenter in Presentation): Adam Curry, a Dutch celebrity, is founder of a company named Jamby. It was founded just before the dotCom hype started and today I heard that it has gone bankrupt. One of the initial projects of Jamby was developing “Freedom Controller”, a java tool for peer to peer playing and recording of video on the web. I am not sure what happened with the Freedom Controller, it is not mentioned on their website anymore (I think) and I totally forgot about it (I remember that I beta tested it some years ago).

Anyway, the reason I am mentioning this is the fact that Adam does a nice RIA presentation of the company. Nice thing is that it’s completely in Flash (unfortunately no Flash Communication Server MX at the background, the video takes a while to load). I would be interested to know what ever happened to Freedom Controller and why I have never heard of it anymore.

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