Oct 30 2002

Builder.com has in interesting article on

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Builder.com has in interesting article on Model-View-Control Design Patterns. It discusses how it works and why you should MVC. For everyone not familiar with it; “MVC is a design pattern that enforces the separation between the input, processing, and output of an application” and “….the MVC pattern can open up new levels of robustness, code reuse, and organization.“.

The Rich Internet Applications as Macromedia promotes them are almost always using MVC (or MVP as Samual Wan and Branden Hall came up with in their OOP with ActionScript book). The Pet Market is a great example of this, you defenitely should study the source code if you are interested in MVC.

I think both ColdFusion MX and Flash MX are great environments to do MVC. We have shipped them with features that can help yo to overcome some of the drawbacks of MVC like the ones mentioned in the article. Take the debugging drawback for example: the NetConnection Debugger, Flash Debugger, ColdFusion debugger and the Communication App Inspector are all tools to make debugging of these (standalone or interacting) applications much easier.

So, make sure that you install the software, get some books, start working on your patterns and let me know how you are doing!

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