Oct 30 2002

I love the Reference Book functionality in all our

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I love the Reference Book functionality in all our products, simply because it’s easy access to lots of usefull information. Every time I work with a technology I have a look at whether there is a Reference Book extension available. And if it’s not available by default there is a small chance that someone has developed it. For example, there are custom Dreamweaver Reference Books for PHP and ActionScript.

One of the books that I was missing was a book for ColdFusion Functions, as the default book only covers ColdFusion Tags. Today I was reading through the Dreamweaver newsgroup and found this cool ColdFusion MX Functions Reference Book!

I am so glad that our products are so extensible and that there still are people around willing to spend time on these tools. My compliments go out to Griffin Moore who created this extension; from experience I know that it’s a time consuming and hell of a job. However, the end result is really great; finally we can lookup all the ColdFusion functions!

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