Oct 29 2002

Arul is working on a very very cool Flash

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Arul is working on a very very cool Flash application: Reference XML Viewer. It is a Flash movie that mimics the Flash MX Reference Panel. Maybe you think, what’s so interesting about it? Here are my crazy thoughts……

To be honest I think the Reference Panel of Flash MX is much nicer than the Reference Panel from Dreamweaver MX – which has no copy paste feature, no tree view, to name a few. And guess what… Dreamweaver MX is extendible using SWF movies. That means that this nice Flash Application made by Arulmight be a perfect candidate to replace my current Dreamweaver Reference Panel 😉 (I have been thinking about building such a Flash based Reference Panel since I found out that Dreamweaver can be extended using Flash MX – it simply allows for so much more).

Arul offers the panel for download on his website so I am going to play a bit with it to get it working in Dreamweaver MX (hopefully even with the lookup feature). Good job Arul!

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