Oct 25 2002

Today we announced the winners of the Build a Rich

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Today we announced the winners of the Build a Rich Internet Application Contest. We asked all participants to do a quick demonstration of the conceptual demo that they have build in only 10 hours. I really was positively surprised that it’s possible to create a very good RIA Demo in such a short time. This fact is a compliment to all developers that had so much knowledge and inspiration.

Also, it really indicates that we (Macromedia) have put the right solutions framework in the market: it proves that we have given the right client, server, tools and vision to the right people to build right websites (aka Rich Internet Applications) quickly and in an easy way.

I will post the winning demo later today, including a little story that needs to be added to it (I’ll also put some photos online). In the mean time try to come up with your own idea for a RIA version of the website that they had to work on: www.celem.be

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