Oct 21 2002

Interesting…. Blogger API (link found at the

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Interesting…. Blogger API (link found at the Dutch ColdFusion Usergroup forum): An API for hooking into Blogger with other programs, interfaces, or environments.

I haven’t really had the time to look into the specs, but it looks like it works as a webservice. There are only a few methods available at the moment. The current ones are related to posting and not to displaying posts, which in my opinion is a limitation to create a full blown application out of this. But I can imagine that you can do lots of cool things by combining this with the RSS feeds that you can create for your Blog.

So what do you think… is this the beginning of enabling full blown Rich Internet Application Blogger Blogs? Or can we expect Dreamweaver extensions using this API so we can Blog from within Dreamweaver? Whatever happens, I am gonna keep my eye on that site for a while 😉

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