Aug 14 2002

WebAssist recently announced a new shopping cart

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WebAssist recently announced a new shopping cart extension for Dreamweaver: WA eCart. The feature list is very impressive:

1) Store your cart in a session variable, client side cookie, or bind it to a database for a persistent cart.

2) Native support for CFML, ASP JavaScript, ASP VBScript in UltraDev 4 and Dreamweaver MX.

3) Data bindings technology allows the eCart to attach to any type of product database.

4) The eCart Merchandising Wizard lets you to easily build rules that control any discounts and fees

5) Point your cart to a custom checkout location or use the built-in PayPal checkout option

I am especially happy with the CFML support because the last shopping cart extension that supported CF was the UltraDev Shopping Cart developed by PowerClimb, way back for UltraDev 1, and if I remember it correct the CF version even never got out of beta.

I am curious and looking forward to see screenshots and more information on the product. And let’s hope that the product is reasonably priced 😉

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