Aug 07 2002

Matt Brown, Dreamweaver Community Manager, wrote a

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Matt Brown, Dreamweaver Community Manager, wrote a very clear message on piracy, why you should care and what you can do;“Stealing software is a lot like chopping down all the trees you can find. You get a fire tonight, but tomorrow you go cold.”. I urge everyone to read this message, piracy really is an issue for us and our customers. Matt’s conclusion on what you can do to help us limit piracy:

  • If someone asks you for software, don’t just say no, let them know what the consequences of piracy are. Let them know where they can get deals. Let them know that *you* care whether they have legal software or not.
  • If you see someone offer you software or see them offer “backup” CDs for sale, let them know that they are doing something wrong. Let them know that you care that they are pirating. Let someone from Macromedia know as well (or any other company for that matter).
  • If you have a question if something is legal or not, ask. Ask us, ask your colleagues, ask on the forums.
  • If you know of someone that is using pirated software, talk to them and tell them that it isn’t fair. Speak up.
  • If you are competing against someone that you know is using pirated software, you can always let us know and we can take it up with them. (

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